What Details Go into a Parenting Plan

Family separations are never easy but one thing that can help lay out the ground rules and help keep everyone amiable is by creating a Parenting Plan. This plan is a written document that details what both parents have agreed upon that helps prioritise the best interest of the child or children.

Parenting Plans Can Include, but are not limited to:

• Which parent the children mainly resides with
• How the children’s education, mental or physical health issues are dealt with
• When time is spent with the non-resident parent and extended family
• How communication and information sharing between the parents will be accomplished
• Whether shared care will take place and the details of how that process will work
• How financial support will be provided
• How a parent should introduce new partners into the children’s lives

These plans do not concern any household/financial settlements or division of assets, they are solely based on how issues will be dealt with for any children involve. Parenting plans are a useful tool for ensuring that throughout separation, conflict over the children’s interests are minimised.