When Would You Need a Solicitor in a Property Dispute?

A property dispute is something no one really wishes to get involved in but it does happen and for a couple different reasons. There are those that may feel conflicted over the ownership of property and there can be boundary disputes between neighbours. The second issue can often be a very long and costly situation if allowed to escalate. The best option in a boundary dispute, is making the upmost attempt to get the conflict mediated and come to a negotiation or settlement.

Then there are other claims such as TOLATA, which is typically used when cohabiting partners have a breakdown in their relationship and create a dispute over to whom the property should go to. Additionally, there are situations such as Easements where, neighbours may disagree to a right of passage or drainage etc in which the law can step in and imply an easement, in favour of one party.

There are several other issues with property that could be raised and if things can not be settled by mediation or amongst the individuals involved, solicitors can be brought in.