When Would a Solicitor be Necessary for Child Arrangements?

Family separations put everyone involved in a tough position and often they do not go as smoothly as it hoped. The important thing is that you, as a parent with parental responsibilities and legal rights, understand when it is time to get a solicitor involved.

There is no need for a solicitor when the separation is amicable and both parents can agree on:

• Where the child/children will live

• How much time they’ll spend with each parent

• How you’ll financially support your children

If these things cannot be agreed upon, you can first use a mediator to help with the parenting plan process. However, if this option fails and these issues have still not been settled, you can take the issue to court and have a judge decide what is best for the child/children. You cannot apply for a court hearing unless you have first tried mediation, except in certain cases such as domestic abuse or involvement of social services.